Sheepdog trialing has a long and rich history behind it.  From our first organized trial in 1873 in Wales with just 10 dogs entered and with over 300 spectators watching, to trialing our dogs on sheep has been and is, a demonstration of our dog's abilities on the ranch or farm. This demonstration ensures that quality bred herding dogs still remain available for important ranch and farm use, as many of the successful dogs on the trial field have progeny left behind.  
Border collies have helped mankind for hundreds of years, from gathering all types of livestock, to putting them in specific fields, sometimes working completely on their own all day, or even helping sort livestock out for culling or doctoring.
They have even been used for hunting for food and finding burried sheep in the snow.
Taking the place of up to 9 men, the Border collie has proven and continues to prove his worth to us many times over as a valuable asset to the ranch or farm both, here and abroad.
We ask you to join us in the wonderful event of sheepdog trialing, and watching these dogs at work.
The Trial Date has CHANGED!
 Welcome Spectators to the Creston Classic Sheepdog Trial
SPRING   MAY 13-17, 2016
Spectators and well behaved dogs welcome.  Dogs interferring with the trial will be asked to leave.
Bring a chair and sunscreen
Where: 4710 Flying Paster Ln, Paso Robles, CA 93446
ENTER BY WAY OF  GATE 1 on Creston Road  (CRESTON)
Time:  7am until dark