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2016 Trial Field for Creston Classic Spring SDT                             Windfall Farms

True Beauty

Surounded by sheep pastures and lots of grape vineyards, this ranch is a site to behold.
Originally built in the early 1980's as a state-of-the-art breeding and boarding facility for racing thoroughbreds, is now mostly covered in wine grapes.
We will be surrounded by over 400 acres and only 20 minutes into town.  There are numerous vineyards with wine tasting only a couple of minutes away!

Come and join us.
We have secured several guys to work in the sheep pens for the entire trial, a set-out person, with a stand-by set-out person, and a scribe. Additionally we have a couple of other volunteers to help with score keeping and exhaust.

However, more is always better when running a sucessful trial, so we can give out breaks, so if you would be up to helping some, please let us know.  And promise not to over-work you!

Once again, it is our intention to accommodateOperation Sheepdog Herding as a vendor, as well as Stockdog Gems and hopefully a few other vendors as well to make this event special. 

Right side of trial field as seen from the spectators point of view.  Post will be down the little hill a bit toward the left.  Almost where this writing is.
This field will be very challenging.  There are many elevations, swales, hills, grades and nothing is straight except our sheep lines...lol.  The cross drive will be at one certain elevation, cross down into a low swale, low dip, then back up into a higher elevation again.
Already built, this exhaust area is a nice area for the sheep to rest. The dog potty area will be around the pond, between the Exhaust area and the pond.